Electrical Rat Trap Mice Mouse Killer Zapper Box
Electrical Rat Trap Mice Mouse Killer Zapper Box

Electrical Rat Trap Mice Mouse Killer Zapper Box

Цена: 1715 руб.

Description : Electrical Rat Trap Mice Mouse Killer Zapper Box This product is Designed with Compact cage-unit can fit almost anywhere a rat can! Delivers high voltage electrical shock to kill rat, nonpoisonous, safe and reliable. Easy operation, plug and play. Easy to clean the chamber design. Set with safety protection switch, in order to prevent mistake electric shock to person. Use micro-electronic circuit technology for product design, low power consumption, suitable for long life operation Low battery indication. Suitable for indoors, warehouse, factories, office, hotel, car parks and any places that rats usually appear Operation : Step 1 : Put a piece of ham or bread (or any food rats prefer) into the cage deeply. Step 2 : Insert 4 pieces of battery into battery compartment or directly use the DC-6V power adapter. Step 3 : Identiy location with rat activity look for worn trails or walkways. Place unit on the floor against a wall. Make sure the entrance in line with the trail, as Rats prefer to travel along walls. Step 4 : Press switch to "On" position. Unit will be on, green LED will flash, indicating that the unit has been enabled. To prevent incidental electric shocks avoid contact with metal plates. Do not touch the bottom of the unit when unit is working. Specifications : Adapter plug : EU Plug (110V-240V working, will also comes with a safe adaptor according to receiver"s country) Power supply : 4 x 1.5V "C" Battery (not included) Static work current : ≤50uA High voltage working current : ≤380mA High voltage : 7000-9000V High voltage produced time : 4 minutes Low battery indicator : 4.8V±0.2V Dimension : Approx. 21 x 10 x 12cm/8.27 x 3.94 x 4.72inch Color : Black Package Includes : 1 x Electrical Rat killer Box 1 x EU Plug Power Adapter 1 x User Manual Details Pictures :

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